Southern California
Rattlesnake Aversion
Training for Dogs

"The Safest Way to Teach Your Pet about Rattlesnakes"

What is Rattlesnake Aversion Training?

Rattlesnake aversion training has been shown to be safe and effective in helping to prevent an envenomation by a rattlesnake. Aversion training teaches your dog to avoid the sight, sound and smell of rattlesnakes. NONE of the snakes used for rattlesnake aversion training are harmed during the training process. Our snakes are muzzled to ensure the safety of your dog and our trainers. During the rattlesnake training, your dog is led by a handler up to live rattlesnakes. We use live snakes because nothing moves, smells or sounds like a rattlesnake but a real rattlesnake. Your dog is taught aversive behavior using a low level stimulus from a "shock collar".

Ryan has numerous animal degrees including; exotic animal training and management, animal behavior management, wildlife education and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and he is a licensed veterinarian. Ryan has been training animals and working with venomous reptiles for over ten years. Ryan personally attends to all of the rattlesnakes used for aversion training prior to every training session.

There are 6 rattlesnake species native to Southern California.

  1. The Southern Pacific Rattlesnake,
  2. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake,
  3. Red diamond rattlesnake,
  4. Speckled Rattlesnake,
  5. Sidewinder, and
  6. Mohave Green Rattlesnake
Each species can be found in your neighborhood or even your backyard. Each has venom that can be toxic to humans and our pets. These six species of rattlesnakes can be found throughout Southern California from the San Bernardino mountains to the California desert. If you camp, hike or hunt with your dog or live in an area known to have rattlesnakes you need rattlesnake training. It could save your dogs life.
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